by Genesis P-Orridge


...real total war has becoum information war, it is being fought now...


That's thee key to change, thee key to knowledge and thee key to

development on all levels really. It's a mistake to believe in ANY dogmatic

politics. Politics is just a facade. It happens to suit thee vested interests of a

lot of different groups in society to encourage a belief that politics rules

countries and decides their destinies when, in fact, it doesn't at all. Certainly

not in thee way people are led to believe. Politics is just a convenient

charade to allow people to feel secure. It makes them believe society is in

their own control. They vote for their leaders, therefore they MUST choose

them. Politics IS just a convenient charade to make people feel secure. To

feel that it's all run consciously, democratically, that they understand what is

happening. That there are different polititians, who have different dogmas

and they argue over these in public and then thee public choose who seems

most sensible and capable to take office at any given time. Don't believe that

at all.

E believe that there has been an endless process since very early tribal

times, through settlements and towns and industrialization to contemporary

times. This E call thee "control process" and it exists independently of any

individuals. This "control process" can be operated by almost any vested

interest group at any given time in history. This process does not take sides,

has no morality, no obligations, no character, no sense of urgency. Thee

"control process" is always present. "Control needs time like a junkie needs

junk" (W.S.B.) E disagree on that control transcends time and space. Control

eats people, eats history, eats ideals, eats hope. It goes on right throughout

time, whatever disguise it might have. E am very antagonistic to thee whole

concept/situation of ultimately being controlled by a process which nobody

wants, (given a degree of individual sanity). E don't like that idea at all. If we

have any enemy at all, then thee "Control Process" is that enemy. It is vital

to short-circuit that "control process". It is a very invisible, subtle process. In

a sense it has becoum a part of each human being's metabolism. Thee only

real way this control process can be broken is simply through people

beginning to mature.

As the level of maturity of individuals increases, so does their ability to

think for themselves, to accept responsibilities, to make decisions. In a sense,

to develop an atmosphere of reasonableness and logic. Most people don't

want to develop this for quite fair reasons: they don't want to get involved.

It's a hell of a big battle and you can't even be sure who is in charge. For all

they know, they might be doing exactly what they are already programmed

to do, in fact, because any "control process" needs antagonism, it needs

people fighting against it. Its biggest strength is it controls information.

Basically thee power in this world rests with thee people who have access to

thee most information and also control that information. Most of thee

paranoia concerned with politics is about what is REALLY going on, what is

secret, what we are not being told about. Diplomacy is about that really.

So, the enemy is thee "control process" and thee power of thee "control

process" isn't actually armies and police, it isn't power through force. That is

a secondary tactic, butter not thee crucial thing, thee real power is who's got

thee information. Thee weakness of whoever controls that information bank

at any given time is that, to store and use that information, systems have to

be developed for storing it and reproducing it. Those systems are very

expensive and cumbersome, requiring capital & equipment which can't be

utilized thee whole time. So, to cover costs and keep equipment running,

these systems have to be made available to thee rest of us to keep them

financially viable. That's why you get access to cable TV, to computer time,

to xerox, instant printing and cassette recorders, even thee mail, polaroids

too, and video. These are all spin-offs from business, conglomerates and

people at thee top who deal directly in control. They develop these systems

for their own reasons, butter they are so expensive they have to mass

produce them to finance them. So we all get easier and easier ways to

mulitply our ideas and information, it's a parallel progression.

Also, another of their weaknesses, those who control control, is that they

have a very one-directional view whereas we, thee outsiders, thee genetic

terrorists, or control agents, as we in T.G. call them (meaning NOT that we're

into control butter dealing with it), we have thee mutant ability to make

conceptual leaps.

Which is really what is said about creative people, or artists, or talented

criminals, that they can perceive things in a wide spectrum, from outside

they can analyse structures, play games with that knowledge and

manipulate it, throw it back. In inspired moments chuck spanners into

various works. So we get tools to increase thee efficiency of our mischief as a

spin-off from thee controllers. In return they get something from us. We are

always developing ideas which are non-linear and therefore outside their

scope butter which they can adopt and adapt. In a crisis, it is often and

outsider who sees a solution, invents a new gadget, effects a coumpromise.

So it's a two-way thing. Each side giving things to thee other as a direct

result of their intrinsic conflict. Ultimate irony and also organically cyclical

and sensible. Parasite feeding off host, host kept alive by immunity afforded

it by parasite. Thee "control process" develops machinery, equipment and

techniques which we can play with for our own ends. Butter by us playing

with them, inevitably, there is a spin-off philosophical and creative

progression, an analysis of experience which can the be taken back by thee

"control process" for its own ends. We need this system as a target, a

stimulus outside ourselves to fight against, and thee system needs a

rebellious questioning minority to develop new possiblilities from a

flexibility of view it can never posses by its very rigid nature.

It seems likely however, that very very slowly this minority is growing.

More people are breaking taboos, they have realised, through people telling

them, in leaflets, on TV, etc., in other words, through information being made

available, they have certain rights. That they can question things, they can

organise, they can set up their own structures. that is not to say necessarily

that all those things are per se right, butter it does seem symptomatic of a

larger breakdown of this "control process" than many people might suspect.

And it probably explains thee swing towards repressive ideas in politics to

cover a growing fear of usurpation by those presently in charge of thee

process and its information bank.



The indifference ov satiation, thee knowledge ov indifference. Wise

indifference. Anxiety is a coummon term, one of thee mainstays of

psychiatry. It is defined as an emotion. It is not. It is a coumpound ov two

elements: awareness of ambiguity and a depressive reaction to this


E am interested in thee extension and investigation ov culture, ov

mythologies, personal symbol systems, thus E chose to always work with a

group ov Individuals. Our works are poor traits that interconnect. Whatever

E do, am involved in, help thee expression ov, is, in a real way, a poor trait

ov myself, and a poor trait ov each Individual member ov thee group ov

Individuals who collaborated with me on that particular work/action also.

Yet there is a mystery involved. They exist, these poor traits, because E exist,

they are collated and organised by me, and yet E do not create every part ov

them directly, they are the sum total ov all who participate. There is a chain

ov creation, rather than a chain ov coumand. It is this process and

parallelism that fascinates me, thee abrogation, or fragmentation ov specific

responsibility, and it seems in coum way linked with Charles Manson than I

often care, or dare, to admit in public. Perhaps it is merely a long-

engrammed trick to side-step total responsibility, in order to avoid a clear

case ov knowing it was me, or my act alone, that had failed. Certainly E

despise myself at many times for failing to achieve more. Yet, mystery again,

E desire achievement in order to share, to share coumpletely, and

demonstrate CARING, and thee ultimate achievement E seek is total

liberation ov thee human spirit and ALL its expressions, and total

destruction ov control and hypocrisy and all thee sick manifestations ov

inherited social values. E must fail by definition, and succeed by intention. E

guess we can only fail by failing to achieve thee goal we set ourselves, those

secrets that so few know. Who are we challenging in our imagination, who do

we wish to outdo?

Times change, people change with them and adopt thee processes, ideologies

and styles ov their time. Those people are RE-PERSONALISING their

expression ov themselves, their "art".

E do not believe that ANY art has intrinsic value. It is a result, it is not a

thing itself. It is expression and description, not experience, it is residue, it is

means. Magick is thee only medium that can be both. It was through thee

process ov art that E located Magick. Art became a diluted sham, too fixed in

thee superficial, coumsumerist ethics ov its era. E have consciously and

subconsciously substituted thee word Magick where E once placed thee word

Art, now E feel coumfortable, before E was always uncoumfortable,

suspicious, embarassed by the vacuous label my actions were presented


It seems to me Magick is about movement and change, about Time passing.

Thee Medium ov Magick is Time itself, and thee Belief ov Magick is Action.

We risk our emotions to place our vision ov how thee world and life are into

a public arena. Our vision coums from observation ov our own experiences

and RE-COGNITION. We hope to discover that perhaps we are not alone, that

other people have felt or seen thee same. Magick is about thee process ov

telling thee truth, thee whole truth, and about not having any secrets.

Paradox- where does practical discretion becoum elitist secret? E think when

it is USED to project or hold power, or to attract, in itself, or to imply

authority for egotistical reasons. Therefore a contemporary and relevant

Magickal network must be about ACCESS, sharing ov techniques and

information, it must attack thee hoarding ov knowledge and give any useful

ideas and structures availability to all who ask. There are no secret teachers,

no "more responsible" or "entrusted" masters. Magick HAS to be for


Thee Temple ov Psychic Youth is a family ov experiences. It is an eternal

search and struggle through false rules that we and others have set for

ourselves. To find peace ov mind does not mean a religious following and

isolation. This is a misleading view from thee society we now live within. It

is wrong to seek oneself in isolation when our world is proportionately city-

built, each coumglomerate full ov scared, lonely, rejected people. One must

live within thee environment ov thee Times and make THAT environment as

free as possible to as many people as possible.

This is thee trick, thee aim, thee revolver ov hope. To give people what they

already have, butter that has been buried by yera's ov varying human ideals

and standards.

All we ask is that people once more work with themselves, their feelings,

FEELINGS, and in doing so, becoum aware ov others and their feelings. We

are eaten like offal by rats, treated as stinking, redundant garbage, discarded

as outdated fuel resources as the ratios ov control adjust.

It is simple, yet difficult, in "reality", to touch oneself once more. Thee

simplest things are thee most difficult. Re-integration ov every aspect ov

one's conscious and subconscious mind, all feelings, aspirations, sexualities,

fears, insecurities, dreams, skills, strengths and emotional capabilities must

be located, focussed, examined, absorbed, and balanced. Our society, and now

by succumbing to coumpetition and to tribal rivalry onece more, our own

culture, have deliberately splintered and fragmented our personalities. We

are linear, fear ridicule, follow style and muscle ov every type, we forget we

do not wish to PARTICIPATE as frozen personalities.

We have TRACKING problems, we need to link directly and make

adjustments. We do not confront each other and ourselves enough. We are

not honest enough. From thee older generation there is buried guilt that they

failed to develop their dream, were side-tracked into habits, into superiority,

into stability. These expresses via drugs, via jobs, via New Age Babble. In

thee younger generation there is fear ov failure, fear ov ridicule by thee next

generation that coums out as cynical nihilism, like thee anarcho-hippies that

drench themselves in death and Anger, righteous justified and challenging

anger, yet still it ends camouflaging guilt at impotence and a feeling that

they too are succumbing to their own systems ov habits and peer group

values, opinions and status. Guilt in LOVE, Guilt in ANGER. Yet all fueled by

sincere motivation.

It is always so easy to feel radical and be merely deluded. Whatever you do

has to make sense to EVERYONE on EVERY STREET, or it means jack shit. It

has to do with thee realities of life around you. You can't rebuild your house,

butter you can redecorate your bedroom. You can be an example. You can

win a battle everyday. Thee LOVE, and the ANGRY brigade today at their

best both do just that. Butter too many swap action for habit. To wear black,

take smack and say you don't care does not PROVE you are radical, or aware.

To take acid, and be placid does not make you cosmic or there.

Each morning you awake, you experience morning sickness, MOURNING

sickness. Mourning thee death ov your belief in human nature, in evolution,

in love, in thee fuel ov action from anger. Love can be strong and ruthless, it

can generate strong action, obsessive behaviour against all odds, it can see

thee stupidity ov thee human race, yet embrace and encourage human

beings. Anger can be coumstructive, fueling positive, non-damaging, truly

control-confronting behaviour and celebration, and reinvest humans with


Never do anything that is not instinctive. Never do anything forced upon

you. Never do anything for ulterior motives. BE ACTIVE, use ANGRY LOVE.


Each action is a true action, pure and simple, there for every other person to

take and interpret as they wish. It is that interpretation that is thee

beginning ov their struggle.

It must be voluntary to exist at all. Caring is not weakness.

TURN ON (control) TUNE IN (to your Self) DROP OUT (ov control).

There has to be a CLEAR message. It has to be possible for anyone to identify

with it. It has to INSPIRE and EXCITE. It has to generate ACTION. It must

AIM HIGH. It must spread by, and operate via EXPANSION not subtraction. It

must INCLUDE not EXCLUDE. It must be capable ov instant and constant

change. It should have no limits on thee enemies it can tackle, or thee area

ov coumcern it will invade. It must therefore be rooted in people, what they

believe they are capable ov, what they believe is possible, their behavior

and their imagination. Real and full integration ov EVERY aspect ov being a

Human Being without recourse to mysticism, afterlife, outside entities or any

personalisation ov phenomena and interpretation ov phenomena.

Responsibility for EVERYTHING must be accepted by us, by all people(s)

without fear, without excuse. Thee surrender ov responsibility (for One Self)

has always been a key problem.

What we don't understand is simply what we don't understand.

What am E thinking about? Where am E really placed?

Thinking, why am E thinking? Looking, why am E looking?

An industrial problem for Magick: SAMENESS. Thee onward progression

toward uniformity, thee suppression ov Individuality, thee pressure ov

fashion, ov peer group, thee need to belong, to avoid loneliness. Incubated

inside mass media, mass production, mass consumption and mass culture.

Thee Cloning ov Radicalism. Psychedelic Grey.


Another problem: MYSTIFICATION and EXCLUSIVITY. In keeping a

monotonous culture and society under a Control process, one creates a facade

ov experts guarding knowledge/information and its dissemination. People at

large feel excluded. magick often falls prey to this fault too. People feel

excluded, that it is not for them, that only intellectuals, or well-read literates

with leisure time have thee time, right or correct credentials to be part ov it.

Often they have been deliberately made to feel excluded and feel inferior,

unable to participate CORRECTLY, lacking in training or etiquette necessary

for true understanding. Well, bullshit! Correctness, good manners, etiquette,

spurious training are all traits ov an historic and effete aristocracy that

deserves only scorn. De-mystification is our duty, work and action our only


We are supposed to be coumunicating. What we do, what we express are

simply that, they are produced for result, not praise, to touch not impress.

They should aim to be how people are, how they respond to where they live,

when they live, how they live, and their aspirations in all these respects.

Minus thee demands ov World, Market, Career it becoums - Magick.

Magick requires hesitancy and uncertainty in its special relationship with

reality and person

Magick is a search for definitions. A series ov statements, observations and

actions blended through intuitive ritual (real or imagined) to fix in more

concrete terms thee eternal, non-extant paradox ov Time.

"We all die". "Well spoken," said thee sage to thee wall, painting it white.

1967 spoke ov LOVE and it inspired, energised, felt fresh and relevant. And

it included anger at injustice, Vietnam, sexism, hypocrisy. 1987 speaks ov

ANGER and that too can be inspired, energised, feel fresh and relevant. It can

include love, ov humanity, stupid though it is, and ov sexuality and ov life

and colour. We suggest in our idealism through sin-icism. September marks

thee WINTER OV ANGRY LOVE. Thee perception and anger at all thee Wrongs

and thee awareness and refusal to stoop to society's level ov destruction.


Dreaming ov thee romance of loneliness and thee adventure of sex. Will it

ever be resolved? Our culture guarantees disappointment. It thrives on

disatisfaction. A phallus on a string drawing us onwards. Completion is like a

needle of junk. It thrills and dies. Pagan blood. Our concern as self-professed

and reconstructed heathens, Godless and proud, is to becoum INTEGRATED on

every level ov consciousness and ov character. No emotion spared. No end in

sight. We believe at thee time of orgasm, a hieroglyph symbolising a desire,

an awakeness, can be lodged in thee inner recess of thee brain, in what is

commonly dubbed thee sub conscious mind, butter which we call thee REAL-

CONSCIOUS MIND. This act then concentrates thee entire personality upon

achievement ov thee desire. All this coums from our brains, our brains

program us. There are no demons or gods. No mysteries. Observation and

action are thee key. We can internalise our program, transmit our desire, and

observe thee video of our thoughts on thee retina of thee mind. Thee sex

moves, it groans and there really is nothing left butter thee exploration of

our final lust.

Genesis P-Orridge, October 85.


Society murders every day, it murders childrens' imagination, it murders

wives' love for their husbands, it murders men's respect for women, it

murders people's hopes, dreams, joy in Life. Society mass-murders every

day, and society is thee vehicle for control, and control is administered by

thee rich and political, thee inheritors of feudal power.

That's why capitalism/thatcherism, politicism is EVIL-LIVE if there is such a

thing as Evil. That's why we are ANGRY in our LOVE for humanity, for each

other. People are divided, scared, hurt, damaged, betrayed, their spirit

murdered every day.

RIOT IN THEE EYE, not thee riot on thee street, thee perception of life/society

and what generates this anger, seeing, SEEING thee cruel, sadistic destruction

of hope.

What makes matters worse is that thee people who administer Control don't

even really know what it is, how it works, they are ignorant incompetents,

which makes everything far more scary and dangerous. That's why they

need to be removed and Control short-circuited and dissipated.

Thee Psychic Youth DROPS-OUT OV CONTROL, refuses to connive and collude

in thee murder of thee populace and themselves by society.

Music is not thee rebellion, behaviour is, perception is, thee EYE, seeing how

things are, refusing to reinforce it, be part of it.










Thee hammer house of horror interpretation of Magick and Wicca is that

curses and invocations are uttered by black-robed crones whilst they eat

frogs and rat tails and drink bat's blood. In fact, so rare is thee energy of

pure, undiluted anger that thee true mechanism of magickal defence is

missed. It is a frequency generated and transmitted, just like a television

signal. It does not need conscious direction. It homes in on thee receptor by

default. That is, they are consciously disconnected from thee caring and

protection of thee Individual angered. This exposes them to thee vagaries of

a neurotic mass subconscious and within that mass thee anger still lurks.

In a sense Magick is a Zen Archer. By a combination of thee initial pure

anger, and a second stage of disconnection, considered disinterest, it is able

to defend itself by channeling "Active Truth". In simple terms, when you

care for a person, or are closely involved with them in some way. Then they

betray, abuse or corrupt that caring. You remove your protection. When you

remove your protection, they are once more open to those forces and pitfalls

from which you protected them. A true curse is to us then a technique of

inaction and non-violence from which we can perceive thee effects of

revenge without recourse to guilt on our part. Magick defends itself. It comes

from intuition, is guided by will, and honours no gods, demons, or spirits. It

is thee birthright of all human beings and thee progeny of their brain, not

some outside superbeing. Polititians and Religious leaders of ALL

persuasions hypocritically tell us otherwise. Believe none of them. Believe

only your own experiences of life. To die free of guilt is to die pure. A star.

And every man and woman is a star.

Our aim is wakefulness. Our enemy is dreamless sleep.


Thee essential structure of our Western Society is Feudal. Only thee names

have been changed to protect thee guilty. Most of thee population are merely

a natural resource, like oil, coal, water that is drawn upon for self-

perpetuation and for self-aggrandisement by those vested interests that

administer Control. No-one controls Control anymore. It has a parasitic and

debilitating life all its own. Certain very select groups have merely inherited

thee almost Priestlike role of its protection and nurturing. Control replicates

and expands inexorably, in a manner quite exactly like malignant cancer or,

to use a current example, like AIDS, affecting individual aspirations and

potential, our sense of unity and freedom, social and ideological optimism in

precisely thee same terminal manner that those diseases affect our bodies.

Time is a key to thee perception of this process. Cancer and AIDS work

through time. They are linear problems. Their destructiveness accelerates at

an ever-increasing rate until thee termination of thee host body. Control

need Time also. It hides in social structures like politics, religion, education,

mass-media, thee nuclear family. Just like a virus, it exists for its own sake.

It relies upon a certain element of belief in a rational order, acceptance of

inherited values and measurements, hopelessness.

Control relies upon manipulation of human behaviour. Culture is an

expression of states of mind rooted in thee effects of behavioural

conditioning, albeit often obliquely. Culture is also a modification of language

that can be read.

It can reveal, describe, measure and expose Control. Control can be short-


Once identified and isolated, thee parameters and limits of Control are

visible. We need to search for methods to break thee preconceptions, modes

of unthinking acceptance and expectations that make us, withing our

constructed behaviour patterns, so vulnerable to Control. De-construct to Re-

construct. We must retrain our inherited concept of what we are told is


By applying a non-linear fragmenting process to every aspect of perception,

reality, society, behaviour and ideology it is possible to modify and confound

Control, and jar its manipulation of behaviour and violation of self-respect.

Magick, as we see it, is precisely this, a fragmenting process that does damge

to Control and its primary tools of Guilt and Fear. It can operate within thee

same medium, "Behaviour", as Control. It presents a system ot challenge,

emasculate and render impotent thee parasite itself. In a real sense, it

detoxifies thee behavioural immune system, restoring its balance. Control

disintegrates, Magick integrates.

Thee method is a systematic application of the fragmenting Process to all

modes of inherited behaviour and belief.

Thee intention is reclamation of self-determination and self-description by

truly free choice.

Thee result is to neutralise and challenge thee centre of social control.


TOPY sent 5 individuals, untrained in lecturing or justification to thee very

well organised THELEMIC Conference in Oxford in October(87). We learned

that a large majority ov thee audience were genuinely interested in TOPY

and Modern Magick. A small, drunk, loudly vocal minority, were interested

in thee preservation ov thee Museum Ov Magick and their own Egos. They

confuse every Individual's right to be unique and special with their own

need to feel Superior. It's thee same old simplistic ignorance that confuses

POWER with CONTROL. At thee very least, five ov our number now realise

how awkward and frustrating it can be to coumunicate one's honesty and

enthusiasm to intellectual snobs. They also saw how a few ov these old, old

guard "Thelemites" see A. Crowley as a Hero, yet cannot observe their chosen

hero clearly.

They talk ov flamboyance, charisma, and personality cults as weaknesses,

yet their hero exploited all these attributes to thee hilt. They criticise others

for re-interpretation ov his ideas to KEEP THEM ALIVE AND RELEVANT, and

they act like his parents, thumping their chosen bibles, chanting his texts

like doggerel, he would laugh, take thee piss and ridicule from these insecure

characters for totally missing the point. All culture is magick, and magick is

FOR ALL, not just scholars, and to be FOR ALL, it must be understood BY ALL,

and relevant to ALL. Which must include making its language modern,

FLEXIBLE, and straight forward. At least we can see thee Magickal

Establishment reveal itself for what it has becoum. A backwater. Librarians

are ov course useful to us all, butter they are best left in their closets.



Since all phenomena (or phenomenally appearing things) which arise present

no reality in themselves, they are said to be of the noumena (in other words,

they are of the Voidness, regarded as the noumenal background or Source of

the physical universe of the phenomena). Though not formed into anything,

yet they give shape to everything. Thus it is that phenomena and noumena

are ever in union, and said to be of one nature. They are, like ice and water,

reflection and mirror, two aspects of a single thing."

The Seven Books of Wisdom

Tibetan text

In the case of a mirror, there is a third aspect, the subject/viewer. Mirrors

reveal and conceal. Their mystery permanent, their hints at doorways,

windows and thresholds out of reach of most minds. Time. Image. Idea.

There can be no separation, scientifically or subjectively. The atavistic face

gazes down into a crystal pool. Ice- cold water. Grunts. A hand shatters the

image, fear gaunt and haunting passes across, a shadowy cloud, and through

all Time that moment can persist, be reclaimed.

"What is Time, but a variety of one thing? AOS

These moments of Time accumulate, are listed under memory in our modern

synapses, are posited as always retrievable, amorphous. Nothing is forgotten,

all is permitted. In a stinking cave, muttering babies scream and scratch,

furs undulate in copulation. In one corner, bright-eyed first marks are

daubed on a wall. They are marks to function, marks to place, of Time. They

are marks to draw results and persist beyond one human lifetime. Instinct

has arisen, snake-like, coiling itself into intuition and suggested the very

power of suggestion. No-one noted down from a book this process, it grew

from watching the elements, closeness to life-forces, death-forces that

modern persons are divorced form. On this damp stone there is a curve, it is

land, horizon, ejaculation, movement.

"Magick consists in seeing and willing beyond that next horizon." The Sar.

Mrs. Paterson stares down. Pencilled into existence. It is her as she was

when she took Austin Osman Spare at 14 years old and initiated him into the

art of sexual magic and a powerful system of sorcery that she had

rediscovered through communion across time with systems and techniques

that grew from a most animalistic and pure union of instinct. She knew, and

she taught Spare, how to travel through Time, and how to remain Present in

Life after bodily death. She was a medium, but her guides were not just

ikons of the intuitive tribes, American indians, tantric Tibetans, aboriginals.

She understood the most particular secret. Her medium was herself. She was

able to ravel through mirrors back in Time, and forward in Time. There is a

drawing by Spare, pencil and gouache, finished in 1928. The main figure is

Mrs. Paterson. Coming from behind her head, making a blister in the

shimmering green aura, a half complete Face.It belongs to no-one, everyone.

It is her, literally, it is a cavalier, symbolically, it is Austin Osman Spare

literally. This one picture contains all the secrets Spare never wrote down.

He appears in the bottom right-hand corner, an old man, eyes closed,

concentrating, materialising. What Spare does is trick us. All his writings are

symbolic, they were never intended to be taken literally on any level,

despite modern infatuations to the contrary. His writings are purely

decorative. They are entertainment. His relaxation AFTER his real work. His

special trick was to convince everybody that his drawings, paintings, images

were symbolic. They are in fact his only real work. Like all great sorcerers,

he hid his real secret in apparently commonplace media. In the key picture,

he is actually kneeling. It is a photographic image of his prediction of both

his own bodily death, and his worship of Mrs. Paterson as his true Goddess.

His use of prostitutes and scarlet women of middle age in his sexual magick

was to return to his potency with his only access point through Time into

Timelessness. They were closer to Mrs. Paterson, so he used them as a

focussing visual image to recharge his contact with her. When she died, he

took her energy and literally trapped it, living, into this, and one or two

other pictures. He sinks into her chest, is absorbed, they rise together,

androgenous, both their faces, all their agaes superimposed. He has drawn

himself dying, conjuring himself into the image in advance, so he remains

always about to return.

"Art is the truth we have realised of our belief." AOS

"Art can contradict science." AOS

"Do you see those flowers growing on the sides of the abyss whose beauty is

so deadly and whose scent is so disturbing? Beware ..." -de Guatia

In his images of sorcery, his purest incantations through Art, Spare uses a

graphic skill and technique second to none. Yet his most commonly seen

works are excellent, but obvious in their skill. Sometimes deliberately fast

and loose. The nearest modern parallel would be Salvador Dali, who could

suggest perfection in a few marks, or worship HIS goddess, Gala, with a

photographically pure technique that is unearthly accurate. It seems to me

that Spare is equal in geniu to Rembrandt in the past, Dali in the present and

Brion Gysin in the future.

"The future is in the past, but it is not wholly contained in the present."


Both Spare and Gysin lived to reach new dimensions, they understood to

pursue Wisdom, no knowledge. This alone made collaboration with most

magickal groups impossible. Where the need for nostalgic elitism and power

by knowledge and length of bookshelf are too often camouflaged self-

aggrandisement where self-improvement to serve is the rality. Peladan was

in fact a prophet of developments that later became possible, and only now

become likely. Spare was aware that mystery and magick generate

fascination and action in human persons. He used his books, his Beardsley-

like graphics, his writings to attract interest after his death. He knew that

this would reactivate his soul and animate his psyche once more. He was also

shrewd enough to make ALL his Secrets non-verbal. Not one is contained in

his writings. Only the atavistic hintings, and the "Time Mirror" drawings

explain his vision.

"The Universe is a creative Process carried on by man's imagination, an

operative power capable of becoming more supple, more animate."

Teilhard de Chardin

What is happening in these certain key pictures is this. All ideas have an

image. There are no exceptions. All materials that make a piece of art are

material. They are formed of patterns of atoms and molecules, charged by

various energies. Modern psychology also accepts that Ideas are material

entities, like animals and plants. All mythological ideas, Jung states, are

ESSENTIALLY REAL, and far older than any philosophy. They originated in

primal perceptions, correspondences and experiences. The catalytic element

that regenerates a reaction between entitic Ideas and spectator (viewer of

painting) favours parapsychological events is the presence of an active

archetype. In the cas of Spare's Art, this can be anything from an obvious

glyph, a non-decorative aesthetic arrangement, or in the most intense works,

an invisible charge of energy which calls the deeper, instinctual layers of the

psyche into action. The archetype is a borderline phenomenon, an acausal

connecting principle closest in explanation to deliberately controlled, SELF-

conscious, synchronicity. When Spare says Self-Love, he means Self-

Conscious, yet egoless. When he uses the word Chaos, he is amusing himself,

and leaving a key clue. Austin Osman Spare's Chaos is both a signature and a

signpost to Future Time. ChDVH (CH)=JOY=23. AOS is simply his name, his

authorship within his secret sorceries.

"Art is the instinctive application of the knowledge latent in the



After Mrs. Paterson died, Spare was waiting to be inside her again, fused

with her energy. The key picture is the actual moment of his death, and the

moment of her death overlaid. His aim in all his magic was to reunite his

spirit and hers within his Art so that they might quite literally live forever.

They do live. Many unprompted witnesses have seen Mrs. Paterson's eyes

close, open, cry, her whole head turn, a quite literally living portrait. Magic

makes dreams real, makes the impossible possible, focusses the will.

Throughout its history, crystals, water, polished metal, mirrors have been

used to oracular ends. Spare's massive achievement is that he recognized the

potential of Art, of image, to be the most powerful mirror of all. A window in

Time, an Interface with death. In his art he captures not just an image but a

life-force and energy. What happens is this lies dormant until it comes into

contact and reacts with other energies, the viewer. Primal, atavistic man

knew this and invested his ideas/images with unrestricted power: when you

deal with image nly, as with most 20th Century Art, you don't get anything

back except aesthetics. Spare has achieved the previously impossible, a two-

way communication where his image reacts to and with us. It has a life of its

own. The nearest parallel, a mirror in which you can see another world,

another Time, another dimension, yet one you cannot reach into like water,

one your hand reaching out cannot quite touch, the glass remains solid and

frustrates us. What this energy held within his images is doing is

transcending the barriers of observed Time so what we are dealing with is a

four-dimensional object or image. This form of energy will have existed at all

times and will exist at all times.

An objective and critical survey of the available data would establish that

perceptions occur as if in part there were no space, in part no time. Space

and Time are not only the most immediate certainties for us, they are also

empirically, since everything observable happens as though it occurred in

Space and Time. In the face of this overwhelming certainty, it is

understandable that reason should have the greatest difficulty in granting

validity to the peculiar nature of telepathic phenomena. But anyone who

does justice to the Facts cannot but admit that their apparent space-

timelessness is their most essential quality. The fact that we are totally

unable to imagine a form of existence without Space and Time by no means

proves that such an existence is, in itself, impossible, and, therefore, just as

we cannot DRAW from an appearance of space-timelessness, any absolute

conclusion about a spce-timeless form of existence, so we are not entitled to

conclude from the apparent space-time quality of our perception that there

is NO FORM of existence without Space and Time. Just as physics now allows

for "limitedness of space", a relativization, it is beginning with Catastrophe

Theory to posit a "limitedness" of both Time and Causality. In short, nothing

is fixed, the possibilities ALONE are endless.

"Conscious looking is a search for verification of the notions that impel the

search, and always has a circular mirroring element in it."


In Spare's best images, it seems a medium has been found whereby the

essence that survives death but is mostly beyond our communication has

been captured by, transmitted into, an object that we are familiar with, i.e. a

painting, and we are therefore used to trying to interpret or recieve

information from. Because of the familiarity of painting, we don't put up

barriers. We expect to try and see what the artist felt, wanted to say. If

Spare said he was going to capture and demonstrate the soul after death,

most observers would switch off. There would be interference with the

transmission. Because Spare seduces us by saying this is an artwork, a

picture, when in fact it is a photograph of a mirror of an actual reality, we

remain open-minded, which means there is more chance that the

phenomenon of actual physical changes in his picture will happen. We shall

see, in short, that which many of us rightly choose not to believe in, living,

moving, changing images of post-death life force, or soul essence. You see it

reacting to you, it recieves and transmits direct into your conscious senses,

but it must also be transmitting direct into the subconscious also, just as

Sigilisation does. Presumably we transmit back to what is there, so what is

there will change over the years as it reacts with various observers. All

these energies mingle and mutate. The soul, life-force, energy, call it what

you will, is generally said to be visible through the mirrors of the soul, the

eyes. In the 1928 key works of Mrs. Paterson, the eyes are neither open, nor

shut, and this is true in much of Spare's works. They are neither rejecting

the possibility of seeing the captured soul, nor openly inviting it. This half-

shut, half-open limbo suggests responsibility lies with the viewer to choose

to commune with the elemental energies portrayed. By painting himself old

when he was young and young when he was old, Spare mirrors Rembrandt

once more and clearly directs us constantly to links backwards and forwards

through time as he succeeds in presenting an image of the apparently


"Accept nothing, assume nothing, always look further, be open-eyed as well

as open-minded and don't kid yourself."

old TOPY proverb

The psyche, in its deepest reaches, seems well able to participate in an

existence beyond the web of Space and Time, this dimension is often dubbed

eternity, or infinity, yet it actually behaves, if we take Spare's art as

representative (it is not symbolic), as either a one-way or two-way mirror

dependent for its function upon the translation of the unconscious, into a

communicable image that bonds the actual molecules of the graphic image

with its driving forces, unlocked from the unconscious into a fixed or mobile

source of power dependent upon previous viewers, and with more vitally,

our own abilities to interface directly with its energy. All "matter" is formed

of molecules and atoms, therefore, at least in theory, we CAN potentially

walk through walls by correct vibration of our own body corresponding with

the vibration of the wall. It is just as theoretically possible to lock energy

into the form of an image that has the ability to move, change, alter and

animate its content. The only gap of credibility being that of first-hand

experience. We don't believe it until it happens to us. We only know what we

have experienced, belief is rooted in recognition.

Imagination opens to syntheses larger than the sum total of reason. New

images reflect more than logical synthesis can produce. There is a radical

discontinuity in every truly creative idea or discovery. Projection direct from

image to viewer involves more than the logical mode of thinking that does

the projecting. An idea cannot exist separate from an image. For example, the

Virgin Mary image embodies the idea of "compassion". A Goddess or God is a

figurative image of an idea. Images are the root language of social and self-

control. Science attempts to explain the universe objectively, without a

viewer, therefore it cannot explain Art, or the unique effects or phenomena

Spare generate by it. This is not a possible function of science, it cannot tell

us why Spare's images can alter, why his faces change, eyes open and close,

colours vary. Photographs are said to steal souls, they certainly capture a

moment in Time. Freeze it. So do the images and oracles of Art, true Art. For

Art was originally revelatory, shamanistic, fully integrated into every

moment of Life. Spare's images capture the Process of creation, the thoughts

of the creator, and the memories of the viewer, which are recalls of past

events and feelings that are more compact, briefer, than when they took

place originally. Memories are Past-Time, brought into Present-Time. Time is

not linear, all Time exists simultaneously and points in every direction

simultaneously. It is quaquaversal, omnipresent. There is no reason why

Spare's images should not capture Time, thought and experience, then

recreate and expand it in the viewer's mind.

Subjective experience is no less real than objective conjecture. All roads lead

to Rome in a mirror to mirror function. This Function of mirroring is found in

the trance state in a simple, direct way. The higher techniques of idea and

artist's illusory skill makes active through Time and Space effects and

phenomena normally consigned to the sceptical parking lot of modern


Years of trying to rationalise inexplicable experiences adequately fall apart,

and only a unique re-assessement via Spare's self-confessed image sorcery

begins to give answers to what we see and feel. Time mirrors Time.

In the Mrs. Paterson picture, Spare depicts her at the moment of death, but

as she looked when she was young. He depicts himself, then quite young, as

he would look, old at the moments of death. He thus creates a situaltion of

contradiction. She is dead, yet alive and young, he is alive and young, yet

dead. This visualisation making the image energies circular, not closed.


This is why the picture is a window, mirror, threshold, active and useable by

them or us. The illustration is a key to understanding the entire situation

and its implications. It is a depiction of the real. Spare and Mrs. Paterson live

on in his art, taking the concept of Art being the Life and Soul of a culture

further than ever before dreamed. The only question remaining is, now that

they have cheated death, can they, will they ever come back out?

"He who transcends Time escapes necessity." AOS

"All nature is a vast reflection of that which is within us, or else we could not

know it." AOS

"Embrace reality by imagination." AOS

"What is death? A great mutation to your next self." AOS

"The life-force is not blind, we are." AOS

Genisis P-Orridge

London 1987