Kali Workings

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 19:49:21 -0800 (PST)

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On Sun, 22 Mar 1998, Stephen C. wrote:

> ...Have any of you worked extensively with Kali?

I wouldn't say that I have worked extensively with Kali, but I have had

some experience with her.

> I just deverloped an interest and looked over some sites on the Web, but

> there was little of a personal, devotional, or Magickal focus on what I

> found.

> Any experiences or hints would be appreciated.

Kali strikes me as an extremely diverse goddess, even more than usual for

hindu deities. Most goddesses have a variety of personalities, but Kali

has, by far, the most. In some sects, kali is *the* goddess, from which

all other goddesses (and sometimes gods) are created; Mahakali or Mahadevi.

Because of the variety of Kali's personalities, I suspect that each

person gets a somewhat different aspect of the goddess.

I focus on the life/death aspect of Kali. In this regard she comes off

as both vicious and sexual. She enjoys very sharp knives and blood

sacrafice. She is very active...so, loud music, heavy scents and dancing

work well for me. She is worshipped much like any other hindu deity,

with food, drink, insense, praise (mantra), flowers, etc. I generally

offer red wines and apples. Her color is red.

I have found that Kali enjoys menstrual blood, yet this is by no means a

shared hindu belief. By and large it would seem that menstrual blood is

abour as impure and sacriligious as you can get. I am still baffled by

this and can only chalk it up to a male bias. I also find she likes

sexual fluids. But, again, this is not a shared hindu belief and, of

course, I'm not sure how she'd react to semen. Given that kali is often

depicted rinding on top of Siva, I'd hazard a guess that semen would be

an excellent idea.

I think that invoking and/or worshipping Kali is similar to orisha (Pomba

I think that invoking and/or worshipping Kali is similar to orisha (Pomba

Gira?); lots of food, drink (alcoholic), dancing, etc.

A few books which might be of interest:

David Kinsley: The Sword and the Flute; Kali & Krsna; Dark Visions of

the Terrible and the Sublime in Hindu Mythology (1975)

Hindu Goddesses; Visions of the Divine Femenine in the Hindu Religious

Tradition (1986)

Tanktric Visions of the Divine Feminine; The Ten Mahavidyas (1997)

Ajit Mookerjee and Madhu Khanna: The Tantric Way; Art, Science, Ritual


>From "Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses," by David Frawley (1994),

Kali is described as Life and Death; as Being; as Nirvana; as Element of

Air; as Power of Action/Transformation; and as Beauty.

"Kali is located in the Heart chakra of the subtle body, the seat of the

air element (vayu). Kali relates to the physical heart also, which

circulates the life-force, and to the blood itself which carries the

life-force. In this form she is called Rakta-Kali or red-Kali..."

"Kali is dark blue in color and wears a garland of skulls... Dark blue is

the color of infinite space and eternal time, as well as death. This

shows Kali's transcendence of the realm of the known. Her head chopper

cuts off the ego. For the ignorant it is the terrible force of death. For

the wise it is the power of knowledge, discriminating the eternal from

the transient, which gives us the power to break all bondage..."

"Kali's bija mantra or single seed syllable is "krim," which is the power

of action (kriya). The simple repetition of this mantra can be used to

worship her..." It also mentioned of her long 22-syllable mantra; the

mantra for Chamunda (fierce form of Kali); and the So'ham mantra with

breath control during meditation.

These books deal directly with Kali. However, I have several others

which are more concerned with other goddesses and/or hindu religion in

general, if you want to know more.

Krim Krim Krim, Aum


[Used by permission. –ed.]