The New Physex

If one is to believe the "New Physics" - and it seems foolish not to - then it must be assumed that all existence, three dimensional and otherwise, is somehow intertwined in a very complex, yet amazingly subtle interconnectedness. The purpose of this short essay is to pave the way towards an understanding of the scientific theories which could explain, at least in part, why sexual magick seems so effective to its practitioners.

We have to begin with some definitions first. The Universe will be assumed to define everything everywhere - all thoughts, all matter, all energy, etc.. It is postulated at this time that all the Universe, as previously defined, exists somehow, as a material thing, on a larger or smaller atomic (or subatomic) scale.

It is further postulated by physicists that all possibilities and all "time frames" exist simultaneously and inhabit the same space. Due to the peculiar quirks of quantum mechanics, these "reality layers" constantly interact, and, in effect, "trade places", although this term suggests that they were in a different space-time location in the first place, when they were not. We will call these probability layers "Hilbert Space".

Current scientific theory suggests that nothing exists outside individual perception - if I die, the world perceived by me dies too. However, there exists a parallel reality in which I survived, and my perception of reality is somewhat altered due to my having survived.

Our vision of the Universe thus dictates the form the Universe assumes, our thoughts, hopes, and biases all having a part in the eventual view we call your "world". In a sense, what we call "reality" is nothing more that our own opinion, magnified to the size of a Universe. And your "opinion" is as vast - and real - and fundamentally flawed - as mine.

Scientists "know" that all space-time "events" create new levels in Hilbert Space, that each event influences others, and that these influences exist in a physical sense as "wormholes" or tiny, sub-subatomic threads linking them all together. Why can't we see them?

There are so many ancient religious references to reality-knots (similar to current models of the way certain layers of Hilbert Space interact), cellular and molecular models (ancient cave paintings and petroglyphs are amazingly close to our view of these structures), etc... that it could be argued that at one point in time humans were able, unaided by tools, to perceive things on a much smaller scale than is currently thought possible.

There are several possible reasons. One is that, at one time, there were no names for things, colors, tastes, etc. Our perceptions were nameless and therefore we could not test the "validity" of a specific perception with our fellow humans. As language evolved, definitions of "things" narrowed and became more specific - where I see a tree, a botanist might see a 90-year old member of the species Quercus, and a Nigerian, the spirit of a dead ancestor. Note that none of these observations is "wrong", they are based largely on education, in the case of myself and the Nigerian, they were learned so early as to be almost reflexive reactions to the stimulus of a leafy green plant with a thick, barked stem. If there were some way to turn back the clock, to be able to view space-time events without this cultural training, it might be possible to see it on a level closer to the physical quantum existence level.

Another reason we have lost touch with quantum "reality" could be based on that fact that all that cellular-molecular activity would merely distract us in an already confusing world. The constant stimuli of cellular division are not of sufficient survival importance to be constantly noticed. These perceptions, although taken in, are edited out beginning shortly after birth.

Our ancestors also put a great deal more emphasis on "dream-time" than we do, even today many "primitive" people believe that the dreams they live are just as "real" as waking life. They are right, if modern physics is correct in postulating that "reality" consists of everything we perceive, "real" or not. In other words, Mickey Mouse has as much, if not more "reality" to him than you or I do, simply because more people have "seen" him. Perhaps in losing touch with the essential reality of dreams we also lost touch with a possibly more "true" model of space-time events than we are able to perceive when we are awake.

Whatever the reason may be, there is no doubt that we miss out on a lot of the action in Hilbert Space. How can we tune back in?

It seems like we are at least more receptive to quantum-level "reality" when we are in altered states of consciousness, for example, when we are very tired, we might see little "windows" of blurry, chaotic motion in the periphery of our visual field. Basic molecular physics clearly implies that the "real" shape of objects is constantly changing due to constant and drastic (under certain conditions, molecules will change size as much as a hundred times their "normal" size) expansion and contraction. Thus, we should "know" that the clear-cut surfaces of objects we see is an illusion. All we are really seeing anyway is light reflecting off of surfaces of densities and levels of reflectivity appropriate to the "color" and "texture" we perceive. So maybe the patterns we see when we are really tired are "truer" that the regular reflections we see when fully awake! Maybe our tiredness relaxes our subconsciouses ordering of space-time events, and it is only then that we see things as the "really are".

The patterns we see when we daydream, cross our eyes and stare behind the things that are "really there", are probably closer to the true structure of our continuum when we are "awake". This could be seen as a scientific basis for Austin Spare's "inbetweeness concept" - the notion that the true essence of an event lies not in the spaces it inhabits, but in between them.

Have you ever noticed the feeling of disorientation that persists after [being] aroused from a reverie?

This feeling of displacement is even more acute during orgasm, and in the "afterglow" immediately following it. It is my theory that the orgasm itself is a "key", as it were, to the most vivid levels of Hilbert Space attainable to most human beings. At this point all the "threads" linking us to other events (read people, p;laces, dreams, ideas, etc. - in short, anything we are capable of imagining) are exposed to a maximum degree. By "making a wish" at this moment, we are able to influence these relationships, as they are physically connected to us always, but especially so at orgasm.

Needless to say, our connectedness to an event such as a boss or former lover is much greater than the connectedness we have to a television star. though both are real, we have a lot more distance and competition to"get through" to Michael J. Fox than we do to events in our personal orbit. Therefore, it is more likely that a dream of a raise will come true than a date with Michael J...

We could see the basic practice of making a wish at orgasm as, basically a sort of "armed robbery" - we get what we can in that elusive and fleeting orgasm moment and then we're gone. To carry the analogy further, we would certainly be more choosy in our shopping if we had a no-ceiling credit card. No such thing exists in Hilbert Space, you protest. Wrong - the Hindus developed it centuries ago - Tantric sex practices. The general principles of Tantric sex are to prolong the orgasmic state almost indefinitely, and to regulate the functions of the body, in couitu, to the extent that the attention can be focussed one hundred percent on the goal, in orthodox Hindu philosophy, God.

But what is God if not the group consciousness underlying Hilbert Space? And if the Universe is not created, maintained, and destroyed by your individual perception, then are we not all Brahma, Vishnu and Siva rolled into one? This One, Om tat svat. I AM THAT. This one is exactly the bindu, or point-consciousness we all share during orgasm. At orgasm, we are all Gods. If we could orgasm forever, we could be as Gods forever.

Tantric sex makes it possible to increase our access to connectedness threads, and gives us the increased attention to devote to their skillful manipulation. We then have the leisure to actually go into alternate probability frames and "live" them. To talk to the "angels" who inhabit these different (not "higher" or "lower" - that is merely mental orientation) Hilbert Space layers. And literally live our dreams, visit other worlds. For they are all right here, right now. We just need the key of orgasm to unlock our unique, individual Universe.

Coyote12 12-23-89