Date: Wed, 23 Oct 1996 00:23:03 +0100

From: IOD <>

Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy, alt.discordia, alt.illuminati

Subject: The Levitation of Parliament


Since the 23rd of May 5994 AM, the I.O.D and a varied assortment

of other associates commenced conducting detailed research and

documenting data concerning the cornucopia of coincidental

connections and conspiracies involving the events surrounding the

(then forthcoming) first ever ANARCHY IN THE U.K. festival in

order to make the proposed week of @NARCHY, an unforgettable

success for all the participants involved. On this very same day

a campaign to recognise the existence of UFOs was presented to

Parliament. This month is also the Month of The Goddess being so

very sacred to FreeMasons - May`s Sons. Between this period and

the 23rd of October 5995 AM, a now discontinued series of five

bulletins were dispatched outlining various disinformation

concerning prank paradigms designed for the disorganisors of this

proposed initial anarcho-fest. [The 23rd is a has been noted by

many as being a notorious day for UFO visitations (especially on

ley-lines), and the chosen date for the 'levitation' came as no

surprise to many UFOlogists as they somehow believed that the

Space Brothers would arrive to aid in the ritual). The plain

truth was that nobody at all knew what exactly would really take

place at Westminster's sinister Palace!?!

The `Levitation of Parliament' was just one of the many instances

of illuminated insurrection scheduled to take place, and one in

which the I.O.D were thought to be the Prime Movers in concerning

its inception and involvement and initiation. This may (or may

not) be true, but many still believe that we were involved up to

the hilt in this cunning conspiracy of chaos and confusion.

The Palace of Westminster is a well-known building of

bureaucracy, and thereby, of course, is a sacred Discordian

shrine, because the Byzantine bureaucracy enshrined there helps

to illustrate so wonderfully the basic Discordian sociological

law enunciated in `The Gospel according to Fred`: "Imposition of

Order = Escalation of Chaos". [All Members of Parliament also

just happen to be honorary Discordian Saints, belonging to the

Order of Order Order, also known as the Knights of the Yea & Nay.

But, that forms the basis of an even longer topic which we won`t

go into here...] An equally notorious building of bureaucracy is

the highly controversial Canary Wharf Tower, a prize monument to

nineteen eighties designer fascism and another holy-shrine to

Discordians worldwide. A chaotic bureaucratic place constructed

out of financial & business corruption of the highest disorder.)

It was predicted by some that Parliament would be levitated 500ft

into the polluted Capital City`s air (the Yippies only wanted to

achieve 300ft, but an extra 200ft was believed to serve

sufficient to reach the all-important figure of 500ft (to

complete Adam Weishaupt`s Law of Fives and the Discordian 23

enigma). [Ideally, this extra amount of levitation space should

have been 223ft, purely in order to reach the far more important

cabbalistic/synchronistic number of 523. And to further fulfil

and furthur the true Discordian legacy that is attached to that

important figure of divine destiny - Please refer to the

autobiography of Carl Gustav Jung or the musings of avant-garde

art-director extraordinaire Ken Campbell for more information on

this particular instance of perplexing phenomena].

Since these `Serious` buildings are purpose built propaganda for

order and occupy sacred spaces we are left with no other options

but to negate their conspiratorial control. The I.O.D realize

that modern-day Britain is in a constant state of flux and aim to

disconnect the closed-circuit of control that the holy trinity of

architects, builders and inhabitants have possessed under their


The I.O.D continued to be at the centre of a storm of controversy

during the months leading up to the 'levitation'. It appeared

that some individuals misunderstood our motivations for

participation in the events during the so-called Autumn of

Anarchy and claimed certain unfair allegations against us. These

persons have now been correctly informed concerning our

participation and intentions. Although, in some cases, certain

individuals did decide not to participate in the `levitation' (or

not to be involved with anything to do with the Anarchy in the

U.K. festival at all). We must state however that our intentions

were not politically motivated.(e.g. The proposed secondary

target of `levitation' at Canary Wharf Tower was just as valid as

the action that took place at The Palace of Westminster. If that

alternative event should have occured at the time, it may well

have been much easier to levitate as (like the Pentagon) it is a

Five-sided figure (which always stands for evil in most world

religions) and such figures can be easily made to `float` if

surrounded by a circle of people (as demonstrated by the Yippies

back in 1967).

[It has also been suggested by a Discordian agent living in the

shadow of the evil Five-sided pyramid`s powerful presence, that

if an attempt to levitate this structure is made, the building

may very well shoot up into space like a large rocket. Although,

we can not confirm this, it should be noted that Canary Wharf

Tower will be an ideal secondary choice for a number of reasons.

{Apart from the odd occult football fact that Pele also has a

plaque placed here, and the I.O.D acronym could also possibly

stand for the `Isle Of Dogs`!?!}]

The comments levelled in certain quarters that the `levitation'

and the whole `Anarchy in the U.K.' event was to be a

"spectacle". This was an obvious understatement. The I.O.D aim to

immanentize the illusion of everyday life and via such

revolutionary actions the control processes that attempts to bind

our daily lives together is shown up as the sham that it really

is. In the initial disinformation concerning the proposed events

which were dispatched over a year previous to the `Anarchy in the

U.K.' events it was clearly stated that the festival was in fact,

to be a SPECTACLE! This matter did not bother the I.O.D (or

apparently the actual disorganisers of the Anarchy in the UK

event) in the slightest, for even if it was purported to be a

`Joke Jihad`, `Convergence of Chaoists" or conveniently filed

away under any other irrelevant intellectual label... "the whole

purpose of the charade is [was] to drown intelligent thought in a

sea of empty slogans". This should have come as no surprise to

anyone, and we will always be eternally thankful to all those who

aim to publicise our intentions via their own popular brand of


It also came to our attention early on in the proceedings of the

preparations that the `anarchist' group mentioned in a newspaper

clipping in one of the levitation updates was in fact a publicity

stunt by the Jeremy Beadle Fan Club (based in Bristol). This was

to draw attention to the current run of the arch prankster's

popular TV shows and had no connection whatsoever with the

Anarchy in the U.K. event. Furthermore, the JBFC President

(J.S.Coventry) informed us to point out that they also have at no

time had any affiliations with the Neoist Alliance or the London

Psychogeographical Association).

However, the I.O.D do not hold any grudges or malice against

these individuals, but hold out our hands in friendship for

future collaborations yet to come. The I.O.D are neither left nor

right, but above (as below) and beyond. We dismiss all ideology &

dogma and criticize all religious and political beliefs. Nothing

is sacred. Abolish Everything!

1. Abolition of monarchies and all ordered government.

2. Abolition of private property and inheritances.

3. Abolition of patriotism and nationalism.

4. Abolition of family life and the institution of marriage.

5. Abolition of all religion.

In order to carry out this ritual of ridicule and to participate

in other assorted activities connected with O.M, we inevitably

stumbled into the shadowy arena of politics and media both

backwards and blindfolded. By monkey-wrenching the media to our

own advantage, and never ever missing a chance to infiltrate (or

infuriate) the mass media-machine with unfounded rumours,

sensationalised scandalous stories, tremendously tall tales, and

ludicrous lies we successfully managed to bypass their bullshit

detectors and suprise them by actually going ahead and doing

something that others usually only dream or imagine of


We have all been lied to by the mass media. We have been told

that the media friendly concepts of hippie, yippie and punk are

dead. In reality what has happened is that the `flower children`

have grown thorns! This movement has no name, it cannot be

categorised (even though THEY will try), the sole aim and slogan

of this imaginative grouping of diverse individuals will be to


Many people have considered the idea that the 90`s are the 60`s

upside down, and this analogy is not too far away from the truth.

It is also widely known that the influential book that describes

a fascist dominated society in `1984` written by George Orwell in

1948 (which gained its title from a reversal of the year in which

it was written) is much more prophetic when you realise the

reversal of the year it was published is 1949 (=1994). Big

Brother is now with us, as part of the Masonic Brotherhood`s


Instead of being a pale carbon copy of the Yippies` Pentagon

Levitation, it was necessary to plagiarise and erase certain

aspects of that first powerful ritual held during the summer of

love. Perhaps, the date chosen was the most appropriate time to

re-enact and deconstruct this important symbolic act of

Discordian dissent:

5967AM = 1967 = 1+9+6+7 = 23 = Thee Summer Ov L-Ov-E

5976AM = 1976 = 1+9+7+6 = 23 = Thee Summer Ov Anarchy

5994AM = 1994 = 1+9+9+4 = 23 = Thee Autumn Ov Anarchy

The Illuminati calendar is based on five seasons (due to Adam

Weishaupt`s `Law of Fives`). The final of these fifth seasons,

Grummet (Season of Aftermath) starts on the 20th of October and

ends on the 31st of December. The age of Grummet begins with an

upsurge of magickians, hoaxers, Yippies, Kabouters, shamans,

clowns, and other Eristic forces. After the age of Grummet has

passed, all authority has collapsed entirely. The calendar`s

cycle then repeats itself...

Everything is dated from year 1 AM (Anno Mung), which is 4000 B.C

in the Xtian calendar - the year that Hung Mung first perceived

the Sacred Chao and achieved illumination. Thus Hassan I Sabbah

founded the Sect of Hashishim in 5776 AM, Weishaupt reformed the

Illuminati in 5776 AM, and therefore 1994 in the Xtian calendar

is, to the Illuminati, 5994 AM, just as it is in the calendar

used by Royal Arch masons..

The Illuminati date for anything is always a higher number than

that in any other calendar, since the Jews (and, oddly, the

Scotch Rite masons) date everything from 240AM, Confucians from

312AM, Xtians from 4000AM, Moslems from 4580AM, etc. Only Bishop

Usher, who dated everything from 4004 B.C (or -4 AM) produced an

older starting point than the Illuminati. [According to The

Chronologia Sacra (Oxford 1650) the 17th Century Archbishop James

Usher of Armagh, Ireland, stated, "The world was created on the

23rd October, 4004 B.C at 6 O'clock in the evening." However,

some sources indicate that creation commenced on a Sunday morning

at 9am on 23/10/4004 B.C. It is currently thought that Eris was

personally responsible for this confusion! [It`s also

Chulalongkorn day in Thailand. "Happy Chulalongkorn!"]


The Conspiracy (in this particular instance the corrupt

controlling powers that attempt to affect us all via the Mother

of all Parliaments) was temporarily averted by the highly

symbolic action scheduled to take place at the Palace of

Westminster on the 23/10/5994 AM (forming a part of the ongoing

long-term Discordian project known as "Operation Mindfuck"). The

prime objective of this powerful ritual (entitled "The Great

Mother versus The Great Mother Fucker") was intended to initiate

the immanentization of the Eschaton. According to our chaotic

calculations the fragile polarization of the political framework

of the Disunited Queendom started to falter and crumble shortly

after the ritual had taken place. [N.B The Tory Sleaze Campaign

that occured during this period of time was entirely down to us!]

The agitational actions employed during the festival were

particularly effective by highlighting well-deserving

subjects/objects of ridicule and additionally represented both

the current cultural conspiracies and political alternatives to

capitalist and fascist domination.

Representatives of the Neoist Alliance, the I.O.D and T.O.P.Y

London carried out a clandestine meeting shortly after the

Autumnal Vernal Equinox (23/9/5994 A.M) at a mystery location in

the Capital where a powerful blessing ritual took place. This

followed a preparatory planning meeting held at 2:30pm that day

in which The Five met to conspire. The results of this congress

have yet to be fully revealed...

[Following the publication of the penultimate bulletin dispatched

by the I.O.D on the 17th of October 5994AM, agents of the I.O.D

(together with other occult officials of the O.O.O and members of

T.O.P.Y LONDON) took part in a re-enaction ritual during which a

replica of the intended target was appropriately charged using

occult means. This then set forth the required energies enabled

to confront the evil edifice. The structure was surveyed and a

mock model of Parliament was constructed to be `experimented`

with. This was then be ceremonially burnt as an effigy, and the

the ashes sprinkled on the site of the intended 'levitation'

ritual in an act of sympathetic magick. This ritual was

accomplished on the 17th of October in order to fit in with the

correlation of the 17/23 enigma.]

The I.O.D helped to herald in the Season of Grummet (Season of

Aftermath) which started on the 20th of October 5994AM and ended

on the 31st of December 5994AM. As already stated the age of

Grummet always begins with an upsurge of magickians, hoaxers,

Yippies, Kabouters, shamans, clowns, and other Eristic forces.

After the age of Grummet has passed, all authority collapses

entirely, but then the calendar`s cycle repeats itself... unless

it can be bypassed via the current ov Chaos.

[Therefore, the first magickal action to prevent this from

occurring was initiated by the I.O.D on the 1st of January 1995

(1st of Chaos 5995AM) when in conjunction with the K FOUNDATION

and other unknown forces they organised a celebratory rave at

Buckingham Palace.]

The morning before the 23rd the clocks shifted one hour precisely

according to the Greenwich Meridian. The great bell known as `Big

Ben' which is housed in the Albert Tower at the North West face

of The Palace of Westminster was adjusted to accommodate this

annual event to mark the Autumnal Equinox, thereby marking the

end of British Summer Time. [Unnerving time-shifting experiences

at Westminster on this date have already been reported - see

HX!#4]. Greenwich Mean Time (which dictates the regulation of the

principal clocks in London at the Stock Exchange and Big Ben) and

also Universal Time (dispensed from Greenwich until fairly

recently, when it was decided to send the time signal direct from

France!?!) Domestic time-signals in Britain are still dominated

by the `Six-Pips' (originally `Five-Pips') which replaced the

familiar chimes of Big Ben when first introduced to signal the

end of 1923. GMT the standard single prime meridian for all

nations was adopted on the 22/10/1884 at Washington D.C (a city

whose structure is built on a Masonic framework). Based on a

solar day, it was gradually replaced by Universal Time; the basis

of the time employed for both domestic and scientific purposes

all over the world. 177 years earlier on the same day, the task

of `finding the longitude' was sought after a disastrous accident

at sea in the Scilly Isles on the 22/10/1707 when 3 ships

containing 1,200 men sank, leaving only one body that could be

retrieved (which now lies in one of the largest and ugliest tombs

in Westminster Abbey). Two other ships also struck rocks there

that day, but managed to sail away. However, later one of them

became badly holed and sank, leaving only 23 survivors. No

records of the Board of Longitude has survived, the earliest

meeting for which minutes exist being 23 years after its


An astounding body of research work has already been conducted by

the London Psychogeographical Association, who have disclosed

information regarding the ley-line links to the Royal Observatory

at Greenwich and the formation of the Isle of dogs into being the

Omphalos of the British Empire. A multitude of other persons have

also realized the significance of this area, such as The Temple

of Isis, who attempted to turn Canary Wharf into a Temple.

Needless to say, the Establishment quickly turned down their

offers and thwarted any other occult groups from taking control

over the metropolis from this prime location. At the present time

the British Nationalist Party have been attempting to use their

amateur Nazi mind-control techniques in order to impose order and

rule Britannia. However, compared to the powerful Adepts who run

the British Establishment, the more they proceed with their

occult nightmare of ritualistic sadism, the more they become

victims of Masonic mind-control. Due to the evil experiments of

these misguided descendents of the Freemasonic Fraternity, the

Island is being used as a crucible of sadistic social

engineering. The role of race riots as a tool to support the

decadent Masonic system is already in force. Across the river,

Greenwich now holds the record for the highest number of racist

attacks in Britain. And by the end of September 5994 A.M, a total

of eight national newspapers were being produced from the Canary

Wharf Tower situated in London`s decaying and decrepit Docklands.

Totalling over 1,000 journalists ensconced the tower. [Further

information regarding the occult history of Canary Wharf can be

found in the Newsletters of the LPA (available from Box 15, 138

Kingsland High Street, London. E8 2NS)


A levitation is connected with `the number of coincidence` as

Isaac Newton was 23 years old and a student at Cambridge (where

the LPA also have a unit) when he witnessed an orblike apple fall

down to the earth (probably thrown by Eris). Albert Tower where

the great bell Big Ben is housed also has a clock face 23ft in

diameter. (The huge wooden beam from which this bell hangs comes

from the Welsh town of Aberhonddu - one of the last places in

Britain to be converted to Greenwich Mean Time). Also it is

highly significant that an anagram of ERIS = RISE. (No more than

23 different words can be constructed from the combination of

these letters... SIRE!)

[Newton`s mathematics provided a wealth of data from which

Astronomers at Greenwich based their calculations concerning the

cosmos. Edmond Halley (who discovered the comet) when holding the

title of Astronomer Royal at Greenwich in 1723 discovered that

every 18 years 11.3 days, the so-called eclipse or Saros cycle of

223 lunations (intervals between New Moons), the motions of the

Moon relative to those of the Sun repeat themselves. Therefore,

for the next 18 years he measured these 223 lunations in order to

predict the Moon`s positions at Longitude Zero.]

On the 23/10/1882 the American state Department dispatched a

circular letter to all their representatives abroad asking for

their opinions on an international conference to discuss the

foundation of a common Prime Meridian for time and longitude

throughout the world. Just under two years later, on 22/10/1884,

Greenwich was chosen due to having the highest percentage of

ships passing by using its calculations. The proposal for the

adoption of an universal day resulted in the resolution being

accepted by 23 to nil, Germany and San Domingo abstaining.

(Alternative suggestions for siting the Prime Meridian were the

Great Pyramid and the Temple of Jerusalem). A global time-zone

system (International/Universal Time) with Greenwich as its

centre began in 1884. [Previously, the difference between London

(St. Paul`s) and Greenwich time was 23 seconds (slow) before GMT

came into existence.] Britain`s time-signals now no longer

emanate from Greenwich, but from Paris (the Eiffel Tower began

the regular transmission of time-signals on 23/5/1910).

A significant shift in the bourgeoisie`s organisation of Time &

Space was expected to occur shortly after the ritual. The full

ramifications of this magickal manipulation have yet to be fully

realised, but it is likely that the intended effects (and

possible side-effects) will soon start to affect us all by the

onset of the Millennium.

Many events are historically connected with the date of the

levitation. Many of these significant dates relate to battles;

the Battle of Edgehill, Warwickshire 23/10/1643, and 300 years

later to the day, the Battle of El Alamein occurred. On this day

in 1707, the first Parliament of Great Britain (excluding

Ireland) sat in Westminster. The new Parliament incorporated

Scotland for the first time. [To those interested in

Football/Occult theories it is also interesting to note that

Pele, the Brazilian footballer was born on this date in 1940 and

was also involved in a war-film `Escape to Victory` which brings

us to an interesting strange-loop concerning occult battles

connected with this date.]

The government ended their recess and commenced parliamentary

proceedings on the 17/10/94. Although this then meant that it was

too late to disrupt the annual ceremonial opening, it also meant

that the usual heavy presence of security forces was caught

totally unawares and were unable to prevent the levitation from

taking place.

A year previous to the `levitation' at Westminster, an act of

levitation by the Neoist Alliance in Brighton, was almost

thwarted by members of Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth, who

employed a secret anti-levitational technique. At the time it was

feared that the Neoists might have created a negative vortex

which would create serious damage to the ozone layer. [The I.O.D

were also concerned that the Ozone layer might be irreparably

damaged should the baroque building of political pollution rise

into the putrefied air and took sufficient precautions to prevent

the occurence of these poisons contaminating the populace]. In

fact, many reports suggested that chairs inside the auditorium

were visibly shaken by the experience and started to rise, even

if the building stayed on terra firma. T.O.P.Y warned the public

in a leaflet entitled "Keeping Buildings On The Ground (and not

floating above our heads)" and threatened in no uncertain terms

that if the Neoists had their way it could be YOUR house next.

The I.O.D find it most appropriate that they then proposed to

levitate the most common house of all... The House of Commons.

The ritual which was employed at Parliament was a variation on

this theme and has also proven to be extremely successful when

unhindered by counter-psychic-attack. In a recent letter from

Temple Press, some T.O.P.Y affiliates confirmed that the

levitation of the House of Commons would be harder - to stop,

that is! All this being due to the high quotient of hot air

trapped inside. But then, perhaps T.O.P.Y are always crying wolf?

Information regarding ley-lines on the axis that were affected by

this time-change have yet to be fully researched. [A diagram and

a wealth of further information regarding some of these London

ley-lines was presented on pages 69-73 in HX!#4. Such as the

revelation that a large majority of pubs and toilets also fall

along these legendary ancient lines].

The ley-lines in the surrounding area were dramatically affected

by this time-change and the powerful magickal ceremony that

occurred. The Llandin - Bryn Gwyn Ley which terminates at the

Hermitage, and forms a psychic triangle wielding tremendous

magickal power was the recipient of a massive amount of psychic

activity around this time. (NB. all triangles are capable of

being energised with excessive amounts of power, hence the

Illuminati`s use of the `Eye in the Triangle` sigil.) The

triangle of leys consists of the aforementioned Llandin ley (at

Parliament Hill) which runs to Bryn Gwyn (situated at The White

Mound of the Tower of London). The axis then runs to Tothill

(based at Westminster itself) which then carries on at another

axis to terminate back at The Llandin once more.

Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin, one of the original architects

associated with designing the building died insane in the year

that it was completed (1852). This was due to possession of evil

spirits. There is strong evidence that suggests that the building

houses many devious demons who have corrupted the powers based

there (both political & spiritual). Such beings include Choronzon

and Yog-Sothoth...

If one stands on the bottom step of the Albert Tower, there are

333 steps to be climbed. This number is linked to Choronzon, the

Guardian and "Dweller in the Abyss" (Demon of Dispersion) = 333

(Noznoroch). Aleister Crowley called him "the first and deadliest

of all the powers of Evil", sole inhabitant of the Abyss, capable

of assuming any shape, the very Lord of Chaos. In 1909 Crowley

and Victor Neuberg did battle with him on a mountain-top in

Algiers, thus making Neuberg a "secret chief". The reason he is

so deadly is that his force is the opposite of Magick and he is

therefore a special threat for the Magickian who has to grapple

with him on his own. Choronzon`s open sesame to Hell is: "Zazas,

Zazas, Nasatanada, Zazas!"

An exercise of exorcism to expel the Demon, Yog-Sothoth (Avatar

of the Great Lie) will commence by chanting, the words, "Out,

Demon, out!" These words will start out as an inaudible whisper

and slowly develop into a chaotic crescendo of speaking in

tongues, ritual chanting, etc. [In the mythos of The

Necronomicon, this is the most repellent of all of the semi-

entities which haunt the infamous 11th Pathway. H.P Lovecraft

aptly referred to him as "the noxious Yog-Sothoth who froths as

primordial slime in nuclear chaos beyond the nethermost outposts

of space and time." Yog-Sothoth is the key and guardian of the

gate. Past, present, future, all are one in Yog-Sothoth. The

Magickian Kenneth Grant describes his colour as a gangrenous

shade of green and has drawn a parallel between the entity

Choronzon and Yog-Sothoth. The "soul-eater", Yog-Sut-Thoth,

Kenneth Grant believes, is the Ibis of the Yesodic lunar Abyss,

the sentinel of the between-worlds Doorway, the very portal

itself, in fact, and the link between the Firmaments, above and

below.. He has no upper skull at all, merely a bloated and foetid

mess that is his maggot-festering, naked brain. A madly gazing,

giant`s "Cyclops" eye beringed by octopoidal palpi stares out of

a face slimy and writhing with entrails over fierce shark teeth

below. His gross, warty body rises tyrannosaurus-like out of the

primordial muck. His nauseating undulations suggest a monotonous

and blasphemous coitus, he is in fact the "Aeon" or "Yuga", i.e.,

the monstrous, forbidden union of Set and Thoth. Further sexual

intercourse between Choronzon & Set forms a doorway between our

world and the Hell of the Demons. Yog-Sut-Thoth (333) and

Choronzon (also 333), moreover, are summoned by the same voice,

for they are reciprocal aspects of one another. Locked together

in an embrace of sodomy, the two form The Beast, 666. The "Beast"

is really an historical occurrence, rather than a mere entity. It

is a counter-swirl in the Ether, following in the wake of

positive creation, that allows atavistic manifestations by

default. Yog-Sothoth is clearly linked by H.P Lovecraft to places

of power, and it may well be the case that Yog-Sothoth is a

`guide` entity enabling sorcerers to access intense states of


It is an established fact that the Occult Establishment have been

indoctrinated into accepting the `Beast` system (one of the ways

of immanentizing the New World Order). This has been perpetuated

by their fascistic process of domination and control (information

pertaining to the `Beast` system being incorporated into barcodes

can be obtained from the previously mentioned issue four of HOAX!

magazine.) Two of the most important sigils that are used to

support this system of control and order are said to be the

number 666 and the `Swastika` symbol.

The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been around for

thousands of years as either a religious sign or as a decorative

emblem. It has been found in Ancient Egypt, India, China, and Mu

and is thought by some scholars to have been first used as a

representation of the sun (and additionally represents the cyclic

nature of the seasons). It appears on ancient Greek coins, on

artefacts of early Roman Xtians and in Celtic and Scandinavian

settlements. The swastika has also been found among native

peoples of North and South America, where it was used to

represent infinity (and was also used to ward off evil spirits.

The name swastika comes from the Sanskrit Svasti, meaning `well-

being' or `good luck'. Contrary to popular belief, the direction

in which the arms of the sign point holds no significance for

black magick. The symbol used by the Nazis was the same as that

used by Hindus or Buddhists (The anti-clockwise variety is used

in the worship of the goddess Kali). If shown in a clock-wise

motion it symbolizes life and fertility, while in an anti-

clockwise motion it denotes death and decay. Hitler`s interest in

the occult therefore made the clock-wise swastika his chosen

symbol in the hope that this would provide beneficial powerful

influences. The Nazis adopted the swastika as their symbol

through the mistaken belief that it represented their ideal of

Aryanism, a link with earlier Scandinavian and Germanic peoples

and the idea of racial superiority.

The swastika ultimately represents an enigmatic and evocative

powerful divine energy. There are few symbolic marks so widely

distributed over the Earth. It is a primal symbol which denotes

the centre of the universe, a symbol of being and


"In the swastika we see the Victory of the idea of our creative

work." - Adolf Hitler.

"The leftward-spinning swastikas spin into the unconscious; the

rightward-spinning ones spin out of the unconscious chaos." -

Carl Gustav Jung.

At dawn on the Summer Solstice of 1914 (the beginning of World

War I) Dr. George Watson MacGregor-Reid was head of the Druid

Order. Although he had previously stood for Parliament as one of

the first Labour Party candidates, he was also an advanced

Magickian. It is frequently cited that the Sect of the Druids

were responsible for conducting human-sacrifices, but this fact

pales into insignificance when in the same year a huge, mad,

ritualistic blood sacrifice swept Europe. Dr. MacGregor-Reid, the

`Anointed Chosen Chief`, sternly defended the tradition of a

Druidic ceremonial rite at Stonehenge on Midsummer morning, and

declined all requests by the authorities to desist in carrying

out the ancient ceremony. He was then forcibly ejected from the

sacred site (as have many others since). It can be clearly seen

from the photo provided that Dr. MacGregor-Reid wore a sigil of a

Swastika whilst at Stonehenge (due to it`s solar aspects and in

no way connected to it`s later Occult use as adopted by the

Nazis). Dr. MacGregor-Reid is in fact the great-uncle of

anarchist artist Jamie Reid. Jamie Reid, punk plagiarist and arch

anarchist artist designed the popular punk band `The Sex Pistols`

graphics and produced the original `Anarchy in the U.K.` artwork.

In his autobiography "UP THEY RISE: The Incomplete Works Of Jamie

Reid" his poignant picture of Parliamentary power incorporates

potent imagery of Swastikas instead of a clock-face on Albert

Tower. (This artwork has also appeared on the back-cover of VAGUE

#21 and the front-cover of Heartbreak Hotel #4). Perhaps, this is

an unintentional subconsciously inherited aspect of his

ancestor`s past coming back to haunt him as prophecy?

[Yet another prophetic `coincidence` connected to the levitation

is that of a picture of the Albert Tower being in flight over the

Thames as shown on the back-cover of Nocturnal Emissions `Songs

of Love & Revolution` album. This recording also features the

vocals of Ian Bone (a prime mover in instigating `Anarchy in the

U.K.`) on the track "We Are Everywhere". When Nigel Ayers of the

group was approached for a copy of this intriguing artwork, the

original had mysteriously (suspiciously?) disappeared... ]

Discordians possess a myriad of mystic signs (just like the

Masons and everybody else). One of them has been blandly lifted

from good old Tory warmonger Winston Churchill; it was the V-for-

Victory motif that Winnie had used throughout World War II. To

the Discordians it has many special meanings: the V, being the

Roman numeral for 5, illustrates the Law of Fives. The way the

sign is made, with 2 fingers up and 3 bent down, exemplifies the

hidden 23 within the Law of Fives. The fact that this sign is

also used by Catholic priests in blessing and by Satanists in

invoking the devil illustrates the essential ambiguity of all

symbolism, or the Cosmic Giggle Factor. [It has also been

suggested that this gesture was a powerful cabalistic sign

intended to dilute the lethal potency of the ancient swastika,

which had been adopted by the Nazis. Churchill is said to have

decided upon this particular retaliation after secret

consultations with the magickian Aleister Crowley.]

The V-sign has subliminally infiltrated the whole counter-culture

via prolonged exposure to sacred Discordian texts, such as, the

Principia Discordia. Therefore, at the Parliament demonstration

it should be no surprise to witness hundreds of thousands of

protesters utilizing this potent hand-signal. The odd part will

be that virtually nobody using this gesture will probably be

aware of its significance.

The V-sign reversed and used as an insult, originates back to the

battle of Agincourt. This potent hand-signal is formed by raising

the hand in front of the body, with the palm turned towards the

gesturer`s face. The forefinger and middle finger are extended to

form a V shape. The remaining fingers are fully bent. The hand is

then jerked upwards in the air two or three times (five maximum).

The dominant meaning for this gesture is `victory`, although,

it`s older role was initially interpreted as an obscene insult.

The true origin has been the subject of much debate. Even today

its primary derivation is still in doubt, this being due to the

strong taboo associated with the gesture (its public use has

often been heavily penalized). The idea of the Churchillian

Victory sign, introduced during the Second World War, was

deliberately reversed (a magickal technique which Crowley was

very fond of), so creating an insult. As the Churchill version is

performed with the palm facing outward, away from the face of the

gesturer. By rotating the hand through 180 degrees, it has been

suggested that it was possible to create an insulting distortion

of the original message. In other words, the reversal of the hand

posture reversed the original meaning of the sign - from victory

to defeat. Instead of saying "I wish you Victory", the gesture

now said "I wish you defeat:, rather in the way that K.O is the

opposite, both in form and meaning, of O.K.

The modern usage of this hand-signal was initiated by a Belgian

lawyer named Victor De Lavelaye (inspired perhaps by his own

forename?) on January 14th 1941. De Lavelaye was unhappy about

the use of the letters R.A.F as a resistance graffito (this being

before those letters re-emergence as the logo for resistance

fighters the Red Army Faction in the heady Seventies). These

initials were being scrawled on walls in Belgium by the

underground, as a method of insulting the Nazis, but in a foreign

language they lacked clarity and he was looking for something

simpler which could be more universally understood. The idea of V

for Victory not only exploited the English word (and paid homage

to his own name), but also fitted the Flemish vrijheid and the

French victoire. After his initial broadcast, proposing the V,

the BBC mounted a highly successful propaganda campaign employing

the morse code symbol for V (dot-dot-dot-dash) and the opening

bars of Beethoven`s Fifth Symphony (Weishaupt`s Law of Fives

again, due to Beethoven`s connections with the Illuminati). It

was after this that Churchill adopted the sign and used it

publicly at every opportunity. Nazi propagandists became so

alarmed at the success of the symbol, that they started their own

counter-project, V for Viktoria, but it was too late. The Allied

V-sign had already swept occupied Europe, and was indelibly

associated with the anti-Nazi movement.

The earliest record of the insult V comes from the 16th Century

writings of Francois Rabelais. In 1532 he described a gestural

`duel` in which an explicit copulation sign is made by a

stretched out forefinger and middle finger held asunder and

thrust upwards. In 1611, George Chapman, in his comedy May Day,

has the following line: "As often as he turns his back to me, I

shall be here V with him." This passage is quoted in late

Victorian times to illustrate that `to make V`, as it was called,

was a `derisive` gesture.

Coming nearer the present day, the insult V was used by the crowd

at football matches to a marked degree, before the advent of the

first World War. Further evidence shows that the insulting

version is the original version and the Victory version is a very

late arrival. There is much evidence that indicates that

Churchill was unaware of the existence of the rude, palm-back

form, and he originally used this version in error on certain

occasions. There is early film of him unwittingly making the rude

V-sign at his troops and thereby inadvertently telling them to

`get stuffed`, instead of wishing them victory in battle. Since

all later film records show him performing the gesture palm-out,

it seems certain that someone must have taken him on one side and

gently explained the problem, so that the final and surviving

form of the Victory sign became fixed and distinct from its

unsavoury predecessor. (Even today, however, not all politicians

have learnt this lesson. Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher

was frequently photographed making a palm-back V-sign at moments

of electorial triumph, whilst under the mistaken assumption that

it was the V-for-Victory sign.

Other theories postulate the V-sign being a variation of the

Cuckold sign (with the forked fingers representing the highly

symbolic Cuckold`s horns); an altered version of the ancient

Roman phallic finger-jerk insult, digitus impudicus (now known as

the middle-finger jerk, done with that digit alone erect. e.g.

"Sit on this!"); a slight variation of the last theory, but the

two forked fingers representing, not one enlarged penis, but two

separate penises (e.g. `one penis for her vagina and one for her

anus.`); representing the fingers themselves inserted into the

vagina during sexual foreplay (the spreading of the forefinger

and middle finger into the V shape then represents an attempt to

provide maximum vaginal stimulation by stretching the passage as

widely as possible.); another interpretation indicates the

female`s legs (or the genital`s labia) spread wide, ready to

engage in copulation; an eye poking gesture; and the Hippies

`Peace Sign` which was used as an covert insult by being

sufficiently ambiguous to prevent the authorities taking any

action, as it could be continually rotated, thus giving a veiled

form of the phallic finger "Up Yours!" gesture. [The symbol `V'

in the ancient inscriptions of MU, the Motherland (Empire of the

Sun), stood for "The Eye Closed By Force, Forced Down".] The

ancient & archetypal V-sign has been reckoned to be too salacious

by the dominant patriarchal male-god worshipping society who have

decided that it should be suppressed because of its strong

undercurrent of Goddess symbolism.

The ritual was scheduled to commence at approximately 2.00 PM. At

this precise time all the participants had already gathered

around the assembly point at Jubilee Gardens and started to march

towards the intended target. All preparations, conjurations and

incantations took place at the Palace of Westminster, with the

desired climactic result occurring between 2:23 -> 2:30 (It

should also be noted that Parliament meets during the week at

2.30 PM.)

An exercise of exorcism to expel these spiritual squatters

commenced at 2:23 PM. The invocational words "Out, Demon, out!"

were chanted, starting out as an inaudible whisper and slowly

developing into a chaotic crescendo of speaking in tongues,

ritual chanting, etc. The ritual was then followed by an

appropriate banishing ritual (by employing the magickal act of

using an emotional device such as laughter to prevent the evil

spirits causing more chaos than that which it was hoped would be

conjured during the invocation). The expected outcome of this

auspicious occasion successfully kick-started a karmic domino

effect in the cosmic game of life.

The ritual act of `levitation' was almost thwarted at one point

by some specially deployed masonic police officers who tried to

employ a secret anti-levitational technique. There was no

absolutely no fear of creating a negative vortex which might have

caused serious damage to the ozone layer (as was suspected might

happen when the Neoist Alliance carried out their levitation in

Brighton in 1993).

Many reports neglected to mention that the levitation actually

took place at all (before, during, or after) and suppression of

these facts will now result in an I.O.D magickal action directed

against these mass media manipulators. Some reports even

suggested that the building did not even start to rise and stayed

fixed on terra firma.

The irony involved in all of this is that the I.O.D never ever

stated that the `levitation' was a straight-forward levitation.

Although, the building did rise to a considerable degree, we were

far more interested in attempting to `sink' it. Our prophecy that

if the levitation were to go wrong, The Albert Tower could end up

being an unique tourist attraction (like the leaning Tower of

Pisa!) was proved to be entirely correct and confirmed only a few

days after the event. This method successfully worked to our

advantage as reports eventually leaked out a week later that the

building had in fact sunk (but was somehow mysteriously

attributed to a newly developed Austrian tunnelling method that

was also deemed responsible for the collapse of a tunnel being

built at Heathrow Airport on the day of the `levitation').

[The proposed secondary target of levitation at Canary Wharf

Tower will be one of our many future objectives in our on-going

campaign against The Conspiracy provided that we are unhindered

by further counter-psychic-attack attempts by the Masonic Mass

Media Mind-Controllers based within that structure. - See the

article "The Hoax HOAX! Bomb Hoax Hoax!" in the third issue of

GROUNDLEVEL magazine which chronicles one of these instances).

The combined psychic powers of all those present at The Palace of

Westminster was redirected in order to exorcise the demons.

(Obviously, this then meant that the psychic charge that could

easily raise the building was more usefully made to intiate the

immanentization of the Eschaton.) Although, some may think that

it was rather underhanded of us to (ab)use the psychic energies

of `innocent' others in order to cause chaos to corrupt the

control process, at least it was all in a good cause! It would

have been unwise of us to reveal our actual occult intentions to

everyone, as then it would almost be certain that no-one would

have wanted to participate in the `levitation`. Such tried and

tested techniques of psychic deception are legion in occult

matters, and even the noted magickian Dion Fortune in her tome

`Psychick Self-Defence` commented that "To find one has been

successfully hoaxed by a lunatic is a humiliating experience."

This is not to say that the I.O.D are lunatics (even though we

are all affected by certain aspects of the lunar cycle); we are

simply following on in the grand traditions of a long-line of

psychic charlatans, sham shamans, and magickal tricksters.

Don`t let THEM immanentize the Eschaton!

This ritual of ridicule was a psychic attack on the Mother of all

Parliaments. Unlike many of our contemporaries we did not treat

the `levitation` of Parliament as a `joke'. [The problem with

political jokes is that they sometimes get elected!] And as

Ambrose Bierce succinctly put it (before mysteriously

disappearing); "The idiots are always the largest and most

influential political party in any society."

Into the Belly of the Beast, an unruly revolution of ridicule

culminated in a holy communion of Chaos at the House of Commons

to taunt and taint authority. There were no leaders, heroes, or

organisers. Everyone was warned prior to the event that they

should beware of all structure-freaks. "Don`t let anyone lead

you, but yourself!"

A parade took place prior to the ritual. All manner of

provocative costumes were worn (nudity was also acceptable): John

Major clones, Cosmic Clowns (with water pistols filled with LSD),

Salman Rushdie, psuedo Policemen, Martians, Bugs Bunny, Daleks,

Skyclad Witch-Queens, Elvis look-a-likes, esoterrorists, Neoists,

Pearly Kings, Drag Queens, etc, etc...

Various large banners were unfurled proclaiming many sentiments

to mark the occassion: "Total Disarmament Now!", "KILL THE BILL",

"FUCK C*NS*RSH*P!", "We demand the freedom to stand around and do

nothing", "Never mind the theory, here`s the slogans!", "It`s not

just taxes that are going to be raised this autumn!", etc.

The area surrounding Parliament - which sits like a cancerous

tumour on the bank of the tortured Thames, The Citadel and nerve

centre of the blighted British Empire - was reclaimed and

declared a Temporary Autonomous Zone (for more details of this

phenomena read Hakim Bey`s book of the same acronym). Mind-

blowing incense drifted up to fill the Ozone layer. A cosmic

consummation of divine union ensued between the Sky God and the

Earth Mother and a supreme act of consecrated conjugal coitus

commenced. Many chants were repeated over and over again, until

they metamorphosed into an amazing magickal mantra.

"Ring a Ringo aroundo Parliamento,

A pocket fullo Prankos,

Twenty-three MPos,

Deserve none of our thankos,

All the evil spiritos

Start to tumble outo,

Now democracy`s overo,

We all begin to shouto!"

This was `backed-up` by a strong presence of ritual drummers and

specially invited guest-speakers with megaphones from that day`s

"Speaker`s Corner" held at Hyde Park Corner who helped to

entertain and prepare the crowds for the ritual proceedings. We

had investigated the possibility of having the legendary Fortean

drunkard and wizened wizard Tony `Doc' Shiels to be one of the

many Masters of Ceremonies at the invokation. He had confirmed

that he would try his very best to rise to the occasion and be in

attendance on the 23rd. The good Doctor stated that "The Magick

has begun. I hope that you understand that I (plus certain

trusted members of the Nnidnid Cabal) are on the case. That is to

say, the great game is afoot and we are detecting in a shamanic-

Sherlockian sense. Sometimes soapings happen..." [We were also

hoping to get Guinness breweries to sponsor Doc`s trip over from

the Faerie Isle, but then again we thought that they would most

probably tell us to Puck off!] But, as the Great Hare (aka the

Spooky Pooka) once said in a Warner Brothers Cartoon, "What`s UP

Doc!?!" (Obviously, a veiled prophetic reference to his

predestined calling to be at the levitation?) To this day it is

still uncertain whether Doc Sheils was actually there... many

unconfirmed sightings were given, but no definite evidence has

been forthcoming as of yet!

It also came to our attention that the acid-rock band Hawkwind

would (probably!?!) be in attendance to play (perhaps, "I`ve got

levitation" by the 13th Floor Elevators!?!) on the day... They


Since it was almost impossible to form a circle of people around

Parliament in order to counteract its malign influence, or to

even get access to the evil edifice at all, it was deemed

neccesary to inform a number of authoritarian bodies by warning

them that ths sacred symbol would be held under siege.

Applications for permits were sent to the mandatory governing

bodies in order for the ritual to be carried out at Sinister

Westminster. Heathrow Airport even wrote a terse missive to the

`Anarchy in the U.K.' HQ warning all concerned not to infringe

their airspace, as they were unprepared to postpone any flights

on the day. [An action which they no doubt later regretted with

hindsight when they discovered that part of their main terminal

building had `unexpectedly' collapased into a partially completed

transport tunnel!]

At which point it was suggested that the `sacramental gesture` of

urinating on Parliament would take place. This noble act would

signify all of the times that Parliament has pissed all over the

people it controls under it's territories. To take advantage of

ludicrous loop-holes in the urinating laws, it sounded fairly

feasible to be able to pour bottles of urine on Parliament (and

get away with it!) This method also suited those people who

wished to "piss on Parliament" but were unable to do so, due to

such reasons as bladder retention, gender restrictions, or an

unwillingness to parade their privates in wintry weather (It was

also feared that representatives from Thee Temple Ov Psychick

Youth that had genital piercings might also suffer from the

notorious `sprayback effect` which would also affect their aim).

Therefore, it was recommended that plastic bottles containing

urine were to be used (or containing a potion of `OV` in TOPY`s

case!) By doing so, if the authorities were to get pissed off by

our `pissing` (or rather, pouring) on Parliament, we could

exploit the loophole in the law by claiming that we had not

actually physically urinated in the street (but instead offered a

libation to the Gods and Goddesses!)

[It should also be noted here that urine is not bad, it is good.

Recently, this fact was brilliantly pointed out by the liberated

sex siren and perverted pop queen Madonna who remarked to shocked

American audiences on David Letterman`s live talk-show, "Did you

know it`s good if you pee in the shower? Peeing in the shower is

good, it fights athlete`s foot. I`m serious. Urine is like an

antiseptic. It all has to do with the enzymes in your body."

Typically, this was treated by a mainstream Amerikan audience as

yet another example of crude lewdness by the first lady of lust,

but by golly she was right! It is also fitting that urine was to

be used in this ritual as not only does it provide a nice

metaphor and prevent nasty fungal infections, but originally it

was nature`s very own territorial mark which was used by man

before he learnt how to denote territory by the mark of the

secretions of ink from a pen on paper, and then tied the boundary

up with an impassable barrier of red tape. At least now we can

reverse the territory by devolving them to their original state

and also cleanse the area with an antiseptic solution!]

We were fully aware that the Government were not going to let us

defy the law of gravity because they will not let us defy any of

the other several million Draconian laws of this corrupted

country. The enemies of Enlightenment are always vigilant, but

historically Chaos always reigns. Chaos will always corrupt


Previous attempts to tamper with the government have made

history. Although Guy Fawkes is sometimes credited with being the

only person to enter Parliament with the right intentions, it was

in fact Christine Keeler`s pussy that brought down the government

more effectively. (It is also interesting to note that the

cunning callgirl called Christine was paid 23,000 by the News of

the World for her disclosures concerning the John Profumo


The Media Machine needs a Who-What-When-Where-and-Why scenario in

order to go about its business of devious diversions and

distortions. By placing a banana skin in the works of its

corrupted cogs and turning the machine on overload we can

sabotage the system. Even if we put truth serum in the reporters`

drinks it is still inevitable that they will not "tell the whole

truth and nothing but the truth". Everyone is liable to be a

hostage to the hostile press. Such activities that propagate as

many peculiar paradigms as propagandada (as [im]possible) will

attract/distract the attention of the media. We can use and abuse

this privilege by providing as many true lies as possible in

order to create as much media mayhem and chaos as possible. Who`s

conspiracy is it anyway!?!

This day may well have been one of our very last chances to

present the general public with a proclamation of political

parody against the MotherFucker of all Parliaments.

As anarchs of the new paradigm, the I.O.D hoped that this

Eschatological event in the `Autumn of Anarchy` would help to

prove that the Discordian version of surrealism is truly becoming

a new apolitical reality.

The barricades of the mass media can always be effectively

ramraided by generating sufficient advanced publicity (free of

charge - by word of mouth, or by whatever means at hand... The

development of media outrage and coverage are actively encouraged

can be fully exploited. Anonymous tip-offs, "loose-talk", etc.

can be combined with ancient concepts such as the likes of

Chinese Whispers to prove to be one of the greatest assets

available to a disinformationist's disposal and a

Propagandadaist`s dream. (e.g.. A rabbit will be ritually

sacrificed at Parliament... When in fact the only rabbit taking

place in the ritual will be a trained occultist participant

dressed in a rabbit costume.)

The acts of insurgent festivity that took place included

subversive intervention of "official" (serious) culture, public

events and (cyber & territorial) space, pranks combining

agitational propaganda, ontological anarchy, contagious play, and

involve schizoversive transgression of behavioural codes and

dogma. Intense spontaneity is inherently unpredictable. Trust and

good communication can conjure up challenging unforgettable

adventures. the "logic of the game" into commercial and corporate

space, introducing satirical and surrealistic strategies as

seditious salacious surprises. A single symbolic act can cause

chaotic ripples on a once still pool of `normality'. Pranks, like

Magick are a pure form of experimental art. The universal nature

and scope of pranks defy simple (or logical) explanations. Chaos

cannot be known, it can only be experienced. By fusing our dreams

with reality we can dissect the separation of art and life.

Those who desire further disinformation concerning any of the

many activities planned by the I.O.D and other assorted occult

occurances are advised to contact the following address (with a

S.A.E and suitable donation where applicable):-


This dissertation compiled on 23/5/5995 A.M. by Frater Nexhagus

XXIII, and ably assisted by Aderyn Fawr, Paul 777, James Eden,

Pope Nai Enob, Karen Eliot, Soror Scoobie Doo O and various

other unknown allies ov thee I.'.O.'.D. EWIGE BLUMENKRAFT!


Hail Eris!! All Hail Discordia!!!


Version: 5.23