Thoughts on thee Temple: What it mEans 2 mE and where E think it's goiNg

by Pharaoh Chromium 93



What theE teMplE means 2 mE


Thu Temple has many meanings... mostly personal. Having to do with self and experiences E have had. E have learned many things butter thee knowledge seems to have gone underground, somewhere in thee depths ov thu unconscious... What has gone before has something to do with where E am today butter there iz a point ov departure which goes beyond being molded by past experience... a point-event in time which points to greater evolution.

theE flow

iz turned on


reassembling from theE wreckage

a new mind-body image

realize and achieve



Thu Temple represents liberation... liberation from thee dogma ov mundane reality structures which we create knowingly and unknowingly. Through thee years thee power ov thu psychic cross has grown... an icon shining forth in brilliance and strength. In thu subconscious depths ov thu TuNed iN individual who perceives it thee psychic cross acts as a beacon... a beacon ov liberation.

Thu Temple iz Eour bodies and minds working together to create structures which reflect E(our) TruE dezires... thu ability to grow, thu ability to achieve realization ov desire, any desire. Reflect for a moment on what thu Temple means to Eou... iz it beyond words??? or iz meaning contained within thu word??? Thu word will paint thu picture, as will image, sound, etc... what about smell or touch???

At this time, through thee computer, E can transmit to Eou words, images, soum sounds, butter E could definitely use better tools... these E lack at thu moment butter not for long... what about smell or touch... now that's a little bit more tricky.

Thu Temple iz information access, transmission and reception... ov media, ov messages... chips and blips ov images collide in intersteller cyber-world domains... thu created media sinks in, digs a trench in Eour mind... create that media, share it. Watch what iz being shoved down Eour throat subconsciously by thee pre-programmed, pre-processed media masses... get Eour head out ov thu television screen!!! Jack out ov thu system, take their images and sounds, create Eour own movies. Fuck thu bandwagon hype!!! Stick dildoes through George Bush's head... make a movie with Hitler blowing his head off...

Thu multi-media blitz iz on... thu information wars are in full swing... 24 hours a day, 365 daze a year. Let's blow holes through thee useless media by making it useful, by cutting it up, by stealing from it, sample it, taste it, then spit it out. If it's good then swallow it.

Thee Temple means to mE soumthing very special, very sacred, soum will try to tell Eou that it's not and make it soumthing mundane and trivial. Everyones view-point iz going to be different, everything iz opinion really.


wHeRe iz theE Temple going???


Good question... mE being away from all ov thee activities and goings on withing thu Temple doesn't give a very good picture ov what iz actually going on within thu Temple... others could probably answer to what iz currently going on with more accuracy... although this being thu case it is not impossible for mE to extrapolate on where E thinks it's going...

Either thu Temple (as an organized structure) will prosper or it will fall like most civilizations have. Thee Temple will always mean something to mE and E will always be a part ov it: whether this iz acknowledged or not. There needs to be a Network ov individuals helping each other... on all levels. Let's face it either we all help each other realize desires or we forever imbibe thee drug ov thu commonplace. We should all be helping each other to make money... and in turn this would feed thu external organization structures or access points with flow ov information and resources to achieve more and more... there iz more than enough for everyone... it's a matter ov accessing into thee flow... this can be done in many different ways. This may be vague, and it may not make much sense, Eou may be saying that it is too general. Butter through this generality will coum a sharper focus. This process allows for a greater flow ov ideas.

Thu Temple will always exist on a personal level in mE life... it will not fall... it iz up to us to determine where we want to take it. Sooooooooo what up???

Eou tell me... there iz a lot going on here where E am... as E am sure it iz with all ov Eou... Let's throw around soum ideas.

Strength to all ov Eou... L-oV-E PC93

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