the collage titled yansan was made primarily out of a picture of latoya jackson holding a snake with a psychic cross of fractals superimposed on top (e am not sure how well this will show when printed) . i didnt have a particular aim/purpose in mind when e started it and in all it took less than an hour, in other words i was just goofing off. in hind sight e think that this is exactly why i like it and am proud of it. more on that later.

ov course if this work speaks to e at all e will form your own opinion ov its meaning still here is what i think . the manipulation of female flesh has becoume so common place in the media that most people no longer relize its significance or power to influence . i am certainly not immune to the intisement of this sort of stimuli, in fact i am particularly susceptible to it. instead of trying to completely cut of this source ov sexual E (energy) because ov its derogatory and insidious nature i am trying to harness it. by taking the image of latoya in the nude i was able to take the epitome of the surgically altered sculpted female image and cut her up into an image still saturated with that slick sex appeal but incorporating my attitude.

e got a sort ov pornographic thrill cutting and pasting her/it, akin to voyeurism or perhaps domination . e think this is why i continued "goofing off" long enough to achieve some sort of completion. again i was able to manipulate the urges in myself that the pic was designed to evoke and sublimate them into a personalized empowering horniness rather than a objectified vampric one. ironically although i mentioned a domination like thrill the image i ended up with is not submissive at all. ambiguous, as is often the case in top/bottom situations.

the psychic cross came last more,more of an after thought. fractals are feminine to me. they symbolize the irrational knowledge that the western mind can never understand and thus attributes to female.